Youre not who you think you are.

Hi everyone, this is my first thread so bear with me please

My name is HerMisfits and today I will talk about star signs!

I’m sure a large percentage of you know your star signs, and many even probably follow their sign or feel they closely resemble its personality
description. Some of you also probably read your horoscopes daily!

Recently I had my co worker – an Aquarius read out her personality description, stating how it matched her perfectly! From the untidy room – to the
obsession with fixing things.

I pointed out to her , you know, the zodiac was put together so long ago, you’re probably not an Aquarius.

”Uhh January 26.. I’m sure I know my sign.. ”

And she would be right, if we went back 2500 years.

Even though the suns path crosses the sky , it doesn’t do so in the same manner it would have at the time the Zodiac was established.

For example were now one would be determined an Aquarius, if you look at the suns path, you will find the suns path is still in the constellation of
Capricorn. Therefor some one born between January 21 and February 14 would in fact then be a Capricorn. And an Aquarius would then be February 15 –
March 14.

Here’s a list to find your true sign –

Aries – April 15 – May 15

Taurus – May 16 – June 15

Gemini – June 16 – July 15

Cancer – July 16 – August 15

Leo – August 16 – September 15

Virgo – September 16 – October 15

Libra – October 16 – November 15

Scorpio – November 16 – December 15

Sagittarius – December 16 – January 14

Capricorn – January 15 – February 14

Aquarius – February 15 – March 14

Pisces – March 15 – April 14

A lot of people relate and connect with their star sign. Including myself at some point. It begs the question – do those who really believe their
sign represents them perfectly , would it still represent you?
I think we’re all free to think and live and grow how we choose, I dont believe star signs really determine who we are. I do believe we came from
the universe and are connected to it. But to use a tool established by our own race to assist in giving the relative location of stars, planets, the
path of the sun, how does that in turn become representative of our personalities?

I would like to hear from those who really follow their star signs, or read their horoscopes. Do you still believe you are the same sign, how does
being moved to another sign affect you? Do you think you would follow your horoscopes still?

Thanks! And until next time, HerMisfits xo

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