Young filmmakers capture occupy’s rise and fall

A year ago on Oct. 15 the Occupy movement arrived in Vancouver, tents covered the lawns of the Vancouver Art Gallery and a couple of BCIT broadcast journalism students – Rafferty Baker and Matthew Van Deventer – showed up to shoot a short film documenting the event. The duo set up their cameras at 5 a.m. that morning, started rolling tape and didn’t stop shooting until the tents left the gallery lawn.

On Monday their 82-minute documentary feature The Occupation receives its world premiere at the Rio Theatre.

“We pitched it to our instructors at BCIT and they gave us a few weeks of dedicated time and they expected a 10-minute short out of it,” Baker told The Sun. “But the story was so rich and so much was going on they let us keep going.”

The project was a shared labour of love, with both young filmmakers sharing directing, producing and editing duties.

Baker, who attended the world premiere of Velcrow Ripper’s Occupy Love last week at the Vancouver International Film Festival, says he and Van Deventer created a very different movie: “Our movie isn’t a rally call, it’s more of a document for history’s sake. We both have history degrees and we see this as trying to feed the public record. And ours is super local – we focus on the local physical encampment. We just tell the stories that happened to people in Vancouver.”

Because the Occupy movement – and Baker and Van Deventer – spent more time on the VAG lawn than anticipated,

the duo graduated before they could deliver their final project, but their instructors had faith they were going to produce something worthwhile.

Says Baker, “We both graduated with distinction.”


With the Twilight team gone, there’s a new sexy vampire roaming the streets of Vancouver. Local actor Ty Olsson has sunk his teeth into a recurring role as a vampire in the eighth season of the hit series Supernatural.

Supernatural follows the adventures of two brothers who work together to save the world from pretty much everything from Angels to Zombies.

Olsson plays Benny, a vampire who joins forces with Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) to bust out of Purgatory. “Despite the fact that they shouldn’t be friends and allies they become friends,” Olsson told The Sun. “I think it’s going to be a really interesting storyline ….”

A graduate of Langara’s Studio 58 theatre program, Olsson has been having a busy year. He recently shot an episode of the new made-in-Vancouver superhero series Arrow (all he’ll reveal about it is, “I’m a bad guy”) and he died “an epic death” at the end of a two episode guest spot on Hell on Wheels. He also has a part in a new Disney animated series that, “I’m not allowed to talk about.”


And if you’re still pining over Rob and Kristen’s departure from Vancouver, Entertainment One Canada has a party for you Twilight fans.

To celebrate the premiere of The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part Two they’re hosting an exclusive fan-only event that will allow Twi-hards from across Canada to view the film’s bloody red carpet premiere on Nov. 12 – four days before the movie is released – with a live streaming event that sounds positively supernatural.

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