Why Do You Use A Tablet?

No judgement, I’m just generally (also genuinely) curious. I was pretty surprised when I saw people snapping up iPads like crazy. I really thought
the thing was going to be a bust for Apple, but boy was I wrong.

I have a Samsung Galaxy something, but I rarely use it. It just makes no sense to me. It’s basically a big cell phone. When I got it I thought it
was going to be super cool. I guess in some ways it is. It’s nice for watching Netflix in bed. That’s about it though. If I want to type it’s a
pain. It’s slower, the screen is smaller, battery doesn’t last as long… Oh, reading in bed is pretty awesome with a tablet compared to a phone
since you can fit more text between swipes.

So other than that, what’s the point? Why not buy a netbook? Small, cheap, has a keyboard… Expandable memory…

I really just don’t get the infatuation with tablets.

The other thing that is starting to boggle my mind are the people who take a tablet with them and use it as a camera/video recorder. Why? I don’t
think it has any better features than a phone. I don’t think it can take better video, better pictures or has any more storage capacity (depending on

The only thing I would get is if you could access the internet anywhere with something a little more usable than a phone, but they have that for
computers and netbooks.

I get that if you’re a browser and only comment on rare occasions it might be easier to do with a tablet.

Isn’t it a pain trying to type in a random site or copy/paste? How do you respond to emails? I have no real trouble typing on the tablet but it’s
nowhere near as fast as using my phone and especially not my Airbook.

Even if you could pick up a decent tablet for $200 I still don’t think I would use mine that often. Is it a chick thing? You can fit them in a
purse? I’m either carrying nothing or a backpack. If I’m carrying a backpack my laptop takes up barely any room.

Enlighten me. It seems like a weird fad, but it’s obviously not just a fad.


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