Why do they hide?

I really want to know some answers outside of my own head because I simply can’t believe in “evil aliens”. I’m happy to believe in aliens which I may
never understand due to my intelligence / consciousness being “a million years in their past”.

In the above videos, UFOs attack humans living in the Amazon.

Hikers killed in the mountains

So here are my questions;

[Assumption: If there is just one alien sighting, it suggests many alien races are here / have been visiting]

1. Why do they hide? (And sometimes only in a half-baked way).

My theory is that they are doing something which harms us but for the greater benefit of mankind (abduction, gene manipulation)

2. Why do some aliens bully?

Townships, families in cars, abductees and pilots have been taunted by bully aliens and UFO craft. This really makes me wonder just how advanced they
really are. Such action seems immature. Childish. Did naughty aliens steal the good alien’s technology? Is that what we’re destined to become? And why
don’t the good aliens defend us / small towns against the bad aliens?

3. What is the government really hiding? ( Why?)

Beyond alien tech to keep the oil companies in business I mean. Are they worried that we will become worshippers to a God that they have no control
over? Will we lose drive and ambition? (if it’s already been done up there why not just use their “tools”?)

Yeah, yeah shills, I know, I know “Aliens don’t exist.” if you truly believe that, then why not speculate. I’m really making the assumption here that
they do. I just want to know why they are here. Sightseeing? Harvesting DNA? Policing this quadrant by monitoring a feudal world now venturing into

Looking forward to reading your answers as I really think we should be able to think this one through based on all the sightings and witness reports
alone. Even Chinese lantern comments are most welcome.


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