Why are there no other countrys military bases in the US??

It’s not very wise to mess around in the bullies back yard, that is what the the USA is right, “The Bully” of the world.

update to my post;
here is an article that everyone should read;

here is a small part of the article, pretty crazy and scary stuff.

“When it comes to accountability, you’d probably hope that the US military would be rather exacting, right? Sorry. The answer to the seemingly
simple question, “How many military bases does America have outside of our own country?” is not at all simple.

In a recent article in Asia Times, investigative reporter Nick Turse calls the answer to that question, “…the one number no American knows. Not
the president. Not the Pentagon. Not the experts. No one.”

You can’t get a consistent answer from news stories, that’s for sure. Recent articles, media reports and op-eds peg the number variously at 460,
507, 560, 662 and more than 1,000. Depending on whom you ask or what source you consult, writes Turse:”

please go to the link and read the rest.



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