Why are F117s still flying? Well the Air Force has all the answers for you….

The F117 was officially retired over 6 years ago now but several photographs have been taken of the first generation stealth aircraft still streaking
through the sky’s over the Tonapah Test Range. Well according to the Air Force (and of course we around here always believe what the Air Force tells
us), have told us that the reason is that they are “sort” of retired but not “permanently” retired. A condition known as Type 1000 storage:

Aircraft in Type 1000 storage are to be maintained until recalled to active service, should the need arise. Type 1000 aircraft are termed
inviolate; meaning they have a high potential to return to flying status and no parts may be removed from them. These aircraft are ‘re-preserved’
every four years.

Also of note, it can take ’30-120 days depending upon how long the aircraft has been in Type 1000 storage for it to become flyable again,’
according to [an Air Force] spokesperson.

This is interesting. Maybe the ones below are exempt from that ruling, have mechanical issues?

For some reason I’m not buying what the Air Force is selling. A more plausible, to me anyway, explanation is they are being used as test beds for more
advanced stealth coatings and skins. Since the RCS of the F117 is so familiar to the Air Force, what better way to compare the effectiveness of these
different types of stealth enhancements than on a F117.
I would also think that these jets should be seen more often flying around if they are taking them out on a regular basis to prove that they still

Gray Ghost just for effect:



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