Why are Bernie Sanders and Hillary running as if the economy is a total disaster??

When you listen to Bernie and Hillary they talk as if we’re in economic Armageddon. The gap between the rich and the poor is horrible, poverty is
horrible and they talk about income inequality.


The guy who walks on water was supposed to fix all of these things.

Bernie and Hillary supported Obama and his policies yet if you listen to Bernie and Hillary the economic outlook of America is end of the world bad.
Hillary gave a speech on the economy and one of her main things was income inequality BUT BARACK OBAMA HAS BEEN THE PRESIDENT OVER THESE LAST

It’s amazing. The Democrats never say Obama has done a great job with the economy outside from a throw away line in a speech filled with doom and
gloom. If you listen to them on the trail, America is in horrible economic shape but again, Obama promised to fix all of these same things when he

Here’s more from Clinton on this horrible economy we live in under Obama.

In a speech in Washington on Friday, Hillary Clinton repeatedly criticized economic and social conditions under President Obama, barely mentioning
the accomplishments of the man who appointed her secretary of State. Clinton’s address, at the New America Foundation, was a broad indictment of the
country’s current leadership, with exactly one — one — note of praise for the Democratic president Clinton has called her partner and friend.

“For too many families in America today, that isn’t the way it works. Instead of getting ahead, they’re finding it harder and harder than ever to
get their footing in our changing economy. The dream of upward mobility that made this country a model for the world feels further and further out of

FURTHER AND FURTHER OUT OF REACH?????? I thought Obama was the fulfillment of the dream. What’s Clinton talking about? How can things be this bad
under King Hussein?? It continues.

Millions of Americans are “frustrated, even angry” about today’s economy, Clinton said. Falling into poverty is a constant threat, and upward
mobility is almost impossible. “Forget about getting rich,” Clinton told the audience, “I’m talking about getting into the middle class and staying

While productivity is up, Clinton noted, “wages have stagnated.” “Americans are working harder, contributing more than ever … and yet many are still
barely getting by.”

Amid the “daily struggles of millions and millions of Americans,” women face particular difficulties, Clinton continued. A woman struggling to
achieve “doesn’t just face ceilings on her aspirations; sometimes it feels as if the floor has collapsed beneath her.”


You mean to tell me Barack “Walk on Water” Obama has made it so bad for women it feels as if the floor has collapsed beneath them??Say it ain’t so
Hillary!! There’s more:

From there, still more problems. Too many children are not getting a healthy start in life. Millions of young people are both out of school and out
of work. Minorities face even worse odds. The economy is still not generating enough demand to create jobs.



Why are things this bad under King Hussein??????

Oh yeah, I forgot, IT’S BUSH’S FAULT!


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