White House Adviser Confirms Obamas Obsession with Executive Orders

Now it becomes clear that Barack H Obama is hell bent on using Executive Orders to further agendas that can’t be legislated the normal way.

White House adviser John Podesta made some revelations during an interview on National Public Radio.

He says Obama is all warmed up and ready to click pens to go ahead with climate change and energy plans.

Very dangerous here.

Apparently the frustrations are becoming obsessions.

Obama’s evident failures to actually explain these positions with genuine merits indicates he may be delusional.

They seem to be touting recent statements of policy as some kind of efforts to strengthen the middle class yet nothing is really doing that is it?

It must some kind of psy-ops underway?

President Obama has “warmed up” to using executive authority, and when he believes “he has the authority” to “make progress” without action by
Congress, he will do it, White House adviser John Podesta told NPR Tuesday morning.

“But he doesn’t like to do this, does he?” the NPR host asked Podesta.

“Uh, I think he’s warmed up to it,” Podesta replied, laughing.


Podesta: Obama’s ‘Warmed Up’
to Executive Action; Will Use It for ‘Climate Change and Energy Transformation Agenda’


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