When if ever should we get our rights back ?

The Phoney wars erupt and subside like pimples on the face of the globe….regularly enough, some terror act is perpetrated somewhere in the
world…..Plots are hatched, and foiled, and carried out by different groups both governmental agencies and anti governmental forces…..
Flag and false flag exchange turns at violence of some sort every time it seems a crisis is needed…….for whatever purpose…(distraction,
annexation, destabilisation, you name it)
With the big boys on the block bristling at each other again over Ukraine, and other hot spots turning up……The war on drugs proceeding apace as
well as the Cartels increasing profits and violent confrontations……….the laws seek to increase policing powers constantly…in
to deal with specific incidents…(Sandy hook etc)

In a nutshell, id like to ask the precognitives and the future diviners here what they see the future of that quaint ideal we call “freedom” to

With constraints now so odious that instant death with no trial could be the result of official policy……have we swung far enough out on the
pendulum of tyranny, that we may see a swing in the direction of more freedoms soon?
Or are we on a one way ticket to the society Hitler dreamed of?

When and how do ATSers feel we will have our liberty restored?

I await your pronouncement…..


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