Whats in your library ?

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– at least 1 version of most so-called sacred books and the versions that didn’t make it (you know: know you enemy)
– quite some texts on zen-buddhism (which are the best way not to get enlightened if you confuse reading those with the real thing)
– howard zinn
– the collected works of Michel de Montagne
– chomsky, chomsky and did i mention chomsky
– pierre bourdieu and c.w. mills (can’t help it, i’m a sociologist)
– heaps of texts by the founding fathers, including some documents that nowadays found a new application: to wipe corporations’ asses
– as much reports by the rockefeller, trilateral, pnac and other fascist think tanks as i can find
– how to grow your own shrooms and grass (just because i’m curious, of course)
– all legal texts there are on how to deal with abuse by the state and the police (you know, in order to make sure that i’ll get arrested because i
dare to ask what cause there is)
– john irving (because i love a story in a story in a story and if by accident a blowjob can be delivered in a car or women dress like bears, I’m in
for it)
– some novels by Claudel, a french guy (because he can make me feel so sad in a few words)
– Hannah Arendt on why the Nazis were possible (because I like to be reminded to the fact that it’s happening again)
shall I go on? I got the big version of the ipad so I can have all 3000 titles at once on that piece of hardware

and, yep, you can tell about someone by looking at the library. Why do you think FBI is interested in what’s on your library card? :-)


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