What telescope for backyard astronomy.

Hi all, i’m sure i’ve asked this years ago, but since technology changes, i thought i’d ask again for current model recommendations.

We (my two daughters and i) as a family enjoy watching the night sky, but until now have only had the naked eye and some 10×50’s. My eldest is also
about to begin a GSCE in Astronomy at school, something she is really looking forward too.

It’s not a requirement to have a telescope at home, but she will be using them a lot at school. We want one for the house anyway, something to use in
the garden or up on the open forest.

So have you any recommendations? Budget isn’t immense. but i could stretch to about £400. Would like it to be reasonably portable if possible.

Would also be interested in eventualy using it for some kind of space photography, is this a whole different subject or can you get a general purpose
one that covers both general viewing and photos too?

Thanks for any advice on this.



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