What if the last ice age never ended?

I have been trying to do research on the ice ages.

I was trying to find any data on “what if the ice ages are still ending”.

Only a few blogs are available.

It seems that not many, if any at all, studies have been made to suggest that just maybe we are still coming out of the last ice age.

Sure the weather has been nice for the last several thousand years. But in a planet age of changes and long history 10,000 years isn’t nothing. Just
a blink of an eye.

What if the thawing just slowed a bit and could be picking up again.

Every single link and study claims “the end of the last ice age”.

What if it never ended and we are still experiencing it?

Just thinking out loud. I know people will probably come in and say “because 99.999% of the scientists and data says so”. The data is only as good
as the persons translating it. I am taking back to the old saying, if everybody jumped off a bridge, would you?

But it is possible it just slowed for several thousand years. Or is it?

Opinions welcome.

The data, well Google is full of pages stating the last ice age ended 10 to 12 thousand years ago.

Could “they” be wrong?


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