What if … Illuminatis were not that powerful???

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So to start, as you might have read, I had some thought concerning this secret society and have my own reason of why it would not be as strong as it
is believed. The fact is that I have noticed on many occasions how much consciousness and strain of thought can have an impact on surroundings.

This might not be believed or it may be, anyway this is not a call for proving whether it is or not, I am assuming this as working, already a fact.

Considering we, not all but many are thinking about how powerless we are to those Illuminatis who supposedly control the world, what if their power
would simply come from the fact we think they have so much power?

For some, it might sound silly, but for others, who have been in touch with the subconscious, visualisation, the unconscious, imagining things then it
happens a couple of seconds later, this will be understood.

Nothing complicated here, only saying consciousness can have some effect on the environment surrounding us, no easy claim, but I still take it as

What do you think ATSers?



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