Were the Pyramids a global counterweight?

I’d like to present a small theory, in the hope that perhaps someone with more technical insight, could shed some llight on the plausibility.

After seeing a docu about the pyramids, called “revelations of the pyramids” it dawned on me that perhaps the pyramids and all other gigantic
structures, of witch most are placed around the entire planet (egypt, yugoslavia, china, south america, easter island etc., and seem to form a
equator/circle at an angle of 33 degrees), are there to balance the world. Just like you add a small counterweight on a particular spot on the rim of
a car tire, to keep it from vibrating at a certain speed.

Could this be done on a planetary scale, and if so, what effect could the one’s have (had), we have right now? What could have been caused/prevented
with it?


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