Well-connected people buying land/building bug out locations in rural areas…

I’m in a line of work where I meet a variety of “in the know” type folks. I’m also the kind of guy who doesn’t believe what he hears without
some facts to back it up. I’ve always preferred to do my own research and come to my own conclusions instead of letting others think for me. That
being said…

An individual that I know personally who is a very level-headed, friendly, social, intelligent, not-even-a-hint-of-crazy, and deep-pocketed older
gentleman that is a fact-checker like myself is preparing to purchase a plot of land and build a house in a rural part of Montana because within the
next 4 years, there will be a total collapse of the United States as we know it.

Now, I hear this all the time from the conspiracy crowd and I brush it off as the typical “end of the world” banter but this man has me worried.
See, he’s in a line of work that puts him in contact with several people in upper-level positions with various 3 letter agencies and while he’s
unable to share any details about his work or who exactly he is acquainted with, he says that most of the well-connected folks are buying/building
homes/compounds for something that is coming soon. I’ve heard it mentioned several times that “the elites” are doing this but I’ve never heard
any first-hand accounts.

I obviously won’t share this man’s name or exactly how I know him because, frankly, he would not like that at all. My question is, how many of you
have heard similar stories, especially from people who you’d believe 100%?? What is the end game?


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