Was 7 of 9 (Jeri Ryan) An Illuminati Sexual Sacrifice?

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Forget about the birth certificate, forget about him being a closet Muslim, forget about him being the Antichrist (well, hold on to that one)
but remember this: Barack Hussein Obama went from “community organizer” with zero experience in government to the most powerful man on the face of
the Earth in just 8 short years. Now go ahead and tell me he’s not an Illuminati stooge.

Just something to think about.

There is a thread One of the most important books ever written – The Shock
(Thanks to member Maponos for that)

The OP includes the documentary based on Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine. Some scary stuff about how Milton Friedman’s theory of creating
chaos by keeping people in panic mode and then forcing a new way of thinking on them..
How the University of Chicago was his “home base”, and how the Chilean boys came up and studied there, and after that…..let the overthrowings
begin….and the military-industrial complex and “false flag” operations that led to disaster in Chile, Argentina, Russia, etc.

After viewing it, the dots seemed to come together, and I thought, well, Obama at least wants redistribution (doesn’t he?) Maybe I should rethink
this election’s choices (if you can call them choices).

So, this morning I was looking at the CNN Candidates profile pages….looked at Obama’s:

Obama graduated from Columbia University in 1983 and later became a community organizer in Chicago. He attended Harvard Law School in 1991 and
became the first-African American president of the school’s law review. Afterward, he became a lecturer of constitutional law at the
University of Chicago Law School.

So, yikes. That’s too close for comfort in my opinion. Highly recommend watching that doc, and will be buying the book as well. Wow.
Yeah, no, I’m not voting for him again. I’m not sure I’ll vote at all at this point. Seems pointless. They’re gonna do what they want to
us…voting is a false sense of say-so.


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  1. rotty says:

    I agree about the vote, it’s corrupt and we know it. Look what they are doing to Ron Paul :/
    since “silence is a form of consent” merely Not voting doesn’t state my position.
    I am retracting myself from the Republican party due to the antics they are pulling at the caucuses.
    It’s despicable! on the topic, my Uncle was in the group. the caliber of person they let in has to have a great deal of power and influence. I don’t think Jack got that far. as for Jeri, when I met her she seemed “as pure as the driven snow” to me she seemed to not see the evil around her. I’ve been a victim many times because if you don’t have enough evil in you it’s impossible to imagine how evil some can get.
    I’d like to start a movement not to vote till they clean up the process.
    “eye of newt”.. the prospects are ghastly!

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