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I don’t know what the deal with this Apple thing is. My friend says it’s pretty cool, and he’s a pretty good judge of tech, so I’ll assume he’s
correct for now. If he actually ever uses it or not, well I don’t know.

However, my last TWO cell phones supported voice commands, and they worked fairly well. Never used it. In fact I think the only real command I ever
gave them started with an F and ended with an off.

Can’t speak for everyone else, just seems easier to pick a contact off the list, or continue the thread I was already on. And wouldn’t really want
people around me to always know who I’m calling/texting or what I’m texting or Googling for. I mean, I come here to ATS? You think I really want other
people hearing the kinds of things I Google for? They’d put me away!

But I mean, you take 10 guys with regular phones, put em in a room, tell them to text someone. Everything is fine, everything is good. Not a

Put 10 guys in a room giving their phone voice commands. Now we may have a problem. Everyone is TALKY TALKY! Annoying. As if people on their cell
phones aren’t annoying enough.

But maybe that’s just me, maybe everyone else will love it. Can’t say what people will like. However, if they do like it, it would be quite perplexing
to me.

Everyone I know prefers to text/email instead of calling. I personally can’t stand phone calls either. Hate to TALK to people. Have to get up and
answer it right now while it’s still ringing, annoying. But a text I can read on MY free time, instead of the CALLERS free time. No need to

Now if you think about it a phone call is actually just one big voice command, and the person on the other end actually understands said commands.
Better than the phone does! But even then, people still prefer to text?

So it would seem somewhat odd to me, that people would want a voice activated phone so they could talk to an electronic device, just so they can text
their friend and not talk to them???

But maybe other people make lots of phone calls. Depends on who you are I guess.


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