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Are you sure Big Brother is not watching you and your family? Do you have any idea how easy it is to penetrate your business and home computers? Why
would anyone want to know who you are…. right? Well they (Big Brother do) your name and address, who lives with you, everyone FaceBook accounts,
Twitter account etc….. it says a lot. BUT did you know you can stop this immediately?

Oh….. and Trump issue about hacking……is it possible to hack anything and leave behind ONLY the information you want them to find? YES. But I
thought you cannot manipulate the internet and the ISP and my IP address? WRONG ….

I am going to attempt to explain the NEED for you to consider “upgrading” your computer system to protect yourself and family from being
“identified” while surfing the net. Once you understand how the system works, you will understand how easy it is for you to sit in your living room
surfing and anyone “listening in” and if they track you, they will see you are in Russia….. no wait a minute … now you are in Singapore. Now how
can that be?

I am in NO way a computer jock or expert so anyone out here who is please join in and make corrections where needed. All I did was something so few
do…. RTFM (Read The F#cking Manual).

So I am going to talk about ISP (Internet Service Provider) your IP address, router, VPN, SmartDNS, and your web browser.

ISP …. pretty simple … the guys in town who give you your cable TV, internet and telephone connections or DSL or satellite connection. These are
the guys that issue you a IP address each time you go on the internet (unless you have a static line) This IP address identifies who you are and
exactly where you are located at.

Router – a piece of hardware that hooks up to your internet connector (modem) and then to other devices such as your desktop, laptop, IPhone etc….
Some routers are much better than others…. I prefer and recommend a router that uses CISCO chips. Your internet provider traffic now goes through a
router. A router has many functions and one of its main functions is to provide a higher level of security than NOT having one.

NOTE: Internet Security software does not exist like you think it does. Most U.S. software companies are required to leave back doors available for
government monitoring (Patriot Act)

VPN – Virtual Privacy Network – CAUTION some are government owned and have the encryption keys….. like HMA and a few others…. Do you own research
and you will find HMA is a sister company of that free online virus protector called Alvira…. which is also U.S. government owned….. I recommend
you find one where there HQ is not based in U.S. Oh….. only one VPN out there that changes your IP and DNS automatically together ….

VPN provider and DNS provider with SOCK5 support is key…. Learn this and you too can do what you hear about on TV…. WHAT? YEP….. Sitting in
Washington DC doing whatever you do on your laptop meanwhile all your traffic goes through numerous servers that have no log files starting with your
VPN assigned IP address with no logs which then transfers to other servers with no log files….. so your paper trail YOU CAN CONTROL to whatever
country you want (almost) depending on VPN and their locations….BUT most VPN providers often leave out a piece of info about their encryption which
is most like HMA use ONLY 1024 bit encryption and not NSA standard. NSA can decrypt all messages 1024 and lower….with easy.

So……most VPN’s are trash….. leaving you fully exposed to Big Brother meanwhile you think you are protected….

YOUR BROWSER is your enemy and it provides so much information it would shock you. It goes beyond tracking every move you make… it records info that
you are not aware of….


Think of your browsers like … A.I. So you need a browser that stores NO information at any time….like NetDET

The only way you are going to fool the internet where you are is by using a VPN and KNOWING how and what a DNS is…. Have this software installed on
your router AFTER clearing all cache and formatting all drives (SO KILL).

Hope this helps you understand….. this has NOTHING to do with ……”Well I don’t care because I am not breaking the law” …. well OK… what
about your online banking and credit card purchase, online buying habits, FaceBook or your email account ? Does that bother you?

Whats holding back those who use this information to do you harm in ways you have no idea…Well, now I hope I have given you an idea….

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