very strange happening last night

i live in a somewhat isolated part of my town, one that still has woods and less dense population, which is usually really nice, since i used to live
in a very cramped city… i have nice neighbors, and kids who play games on my doorbell, so its pretty normal here for the most part… well tonight
that kind of changed…

i was napping most of the day to fight a headache i usually get every Saturday, and i woke up later than usual, so i needed to run to the convenience
store/gas station, to get a few things for the evening… i usually leave the house from the garage and ride my bicycle the mile or so to the store,
and spend time there with the cashiers joking around and making small talk, so as i left the garage i was pretty startled by what happened next…it
was dark, and i do this all the time so i was not prepared for it…

as i closed the garage, i heard a blood curdling scream, and the little girl that lived across the street was screaming and running to the front door
of her own house, opened the door frantically, slamming it and crying for her mother…and something, made a very scary hissing sound, like a cat, but
from a human throat…that put me on high alert as i rode past from the end of the driveway…but before i could say to myself “it was just a prank”,
something went banging and thumping on the vehicles in their driveway and chased me hissing for a short distance as i pedaled like hell to get as far
away as i could…now i am athletic, but i have never pedaled as fast as i did then…

i could not see it but i heard it and it was trying to close the distance between it and me… well i rode fast to get to the gas station, got a
drink, and sat there for hours…i told the cashiers what happened and they told me i should be ok, cause i got a knife…but i didnt want to think
about even making that kind of decision, because what if it was a prankster and i ended up attacking them instead of a monster…

anyway, i stuck around there until i was sure it would be gone, or whoever was pulling the prank would have left, but thought about my route back very
carefully, because there is a hill before i get to my house, so i wanted to make sure my speed and momentum was fast enough that i could do a combat
landing in the garage…

as i got closer i pedaled fast up the hill and into the driveway, faster than i ever have before, rode into the garage as i opened it, and then heard
the banging and thumping again…mashed the button on the wall to close the garage and then heard the hissing again getting closer, but not moving
that fast…the garage closed and i ran inside to make sure all the doors were locked tight…

i have never been this terrified before…and i do not scare very easily…this was very unusual, and i have tried to pinpoint any stories that are
similar, but nothing, not vampires, chupacabra, or even zombies in google search came up with anything like it, and i did not even get a good look at
it, so i have no description except that chilling hiss it makes…

the sound i heard was identical to the sound that feral ghouls make in the game “fallout 3” if you dont know what that sounds like, do a search on
youtube and you will get the idea…better yet play this video below, and about at 24 seconds in start to listen, and around 27 seconds is what i
heard…very creepy in the dark…

as far as time frames go, i left the house around 9 pm, stayed at the gas station til @ 11:30 pm, and then got home shortly thereafter…just a few
minutes ago as i played the video, i could hear hissing again outside as if it were reacting to the video…and it is now 3:15 am…

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