Vacuuming machine.. what do you use it for?

Ok I got vacuuming machine today, im intrested what all you can vacuum with it and how do you storage your vacuumed food ?
I have watched couple of episodes of doomsday preppers and got intrested about this machine, im not a prepper tho but know many is and have propably
great tips for me to start vacuuming

The reason i wanted this was basicly that other members on my family are has celiac disease and we all eat glutein free food. Badly if i bake etc ( im
a horrible cook ) these breads and buns are ok when they are just done but next day they are allready totally awful.

So what all you put in vacuum, how you storage it after vacuuming, how long these “products” are good to use after vacuuming ( if not in fridge).

Im making a test i put fresh banana in vacuum..storing in room temperature, when it will be bad, Banana gives a lot ethylene so its a good testing
subject i think ..

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