Vaccine Fraud: U.S. Mainstream Media Censors Whistleblower’s Explosive Story

The CDC whistleblower who has come forward with proof that the CDC knowingly covered up scientific evidence linking the MMR vaccine to autism has now
been revealed as William W. Thompson, PhD. To share this story, use tags

#vaccinegate and #EndVaccineViolence

Natural News has acquired a letter from William Thompson to former CDC head Dr. Julie Gerberding, dated February 2nd, 2004. The date of this letter is
important because a pivotal Institute of Medicine (IoM) meeting on vaccine safety took place just one week later on February 9th. (See the full letter

Vaccine Fraud: U.S. Mainstream
Media Censors Whistleblower’s Explosive Story

In what is rapidly becoming a viral story about the MMR vaccine coverup (which all of us at ATS suspected years ago), Natural News has posted the name
of the whisteblower (courageous William Thompson) from the CDC who has released both data, letters, and information about how the MMR vaccine IS
causing autism. I have chosen the story from Global Research because it clearly presents the full information, the way that the MSM is covering up
the story which hit CNN iReport, and is making its way through the net via Reddit, Natural News, and now many other sites.. GR shows the full secret
letter released to CDC head Dr. Julie Gerberding who seems to be implicated in the coverup and data changes which really show 340 percent higher
Autism rates in black babies treated with MMR.
In a devastating story quote “the CDC took deliberate action to retroactively alter the outcome of the autism study by arbitrarily eliminating most
subjects from the study, thereby shrinking the sample size”.

Here are more links to the other stories :
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Hopefully this will help the 100,000s of families which have an autistic child (now over 1:70 in the US) to bring about change and support in their
cause. The system has even been setup that these families cannot suit through the normal court which has been changed to protect big Pharma against
these kinds of actions. It is important that this pharma control system be revised to protect the Worlds youngest new citizens from the life long
destruction of their minds and immune systems.
I have gone to and sent them an email. Their shameful acts cannot go unmentioned while these injections continue to go on without any
change in protocol.

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