USA left out of the loop as our banking buddies join AIIB.

Times are changing and the powers are shifting. I truely believe WWIII is possibly hours away, but what are the signs?…

It seems that AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) is the new cool kid on the block, and everyone wants to hang out in his treehouse, leaving
good old USA high and dry.

China has opened a new centralized bank to compete with the American banking system, and already 30 nations including Britain have jumped on board.
Japan and Austrailia are making serious considerations on joining as well.

Japan, Australia and the South Korea, all major U.S. allies, are the notable regional absentees from the AIIB. The United States, worried about
China’s growing diplomatic clout, has questioned whether the AIIB will have sufficient standards of governance and environmental and social

But after Britain broke ranks with Western nations and said earlier this month that it would join the AIIB, other major EU members have followed

Australia now appears close to joining, although no formal decision has been made, and South Korea may be as well.

Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso said Tokyo could consider joining the China-led bank if it could guarantee a credible mechanism for providing

“We have been asking to ensure debt sustainability taking into account its impact on environment and society,” he told reporters after a cabinet

“We could (consider to participate) if these issues are guaranteed. There could be a chance that we would go inside and discuss. But so far we have
not heard any responses.”

It was a surprising comment from Japan.

Although China and Japan, the world’s second- and third-largest economies, have deep trade and business relations, their diplomatic ties are tense
over a territorial dispute and they compete for influence across Asia.

The AIIB could emerge as a rival to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Manila-based regional financial institution that Japan dominates along with
the United States. By custom, the ADB is headed by a former senior official from the Bank of Japan or the country’s finance ministry.

We know that historically, modern wars are usually the result of ‘drive by banking’. Andrew Jackson, Lincoln, JFK, Hitler, and Gaddafi are all
shining examples of what happens when you challenge the Rothschild’s Zionist banking mafia. Now it seems that the central banking power is leaving
the USA and going to Asia….and all this coming while BRICS is attempting to undermine the Petrodollar.

Do not be deluded, where ever the British money is, there is Rothschild money, and I believe Britain is jumping on board to infiltrate and usurp
BRICS’ prospective power via AIIB.

Just as in the case of the Battle of Waterloo, the Rothschilds are at it again, financing both sides of the coming World War and reaping all the

What do my fellow ATSers have to say?

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