USA attacked SONY?

Could it be possible that the USA attacked SONY and then blamed North Korea?

If so then what could be the motives behind such tactical engagement?

Could it the same motives as that of supplying rebels in Libya to overthrow Gaddafi’s regime?

Could it be the same motives as that of assisting the overthrow of the Ukrainiam Government?

Puppets and Strings

This is now becoming a common tactic. What we have is fabricated intel, propagated by western media of North Korean theats. What if kim jong un was
not involed as has been perpetrated? North Korea denies ‘righteous’ hack attack on Sony

So, could it be possible that the US just took down the North Korean internet after hacking SONY and then blaming kim jong un’s regime as part of a
much larger and tactical plan?

Food for thought..

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