US eyes deep cuts to nuclear arsenal

That could be nice… probably no way it happens…

US eyes deep cuts to nuclear arsenal

President Barack Obama’s administration is looking at possible cuts to the US nuclear arsenal that include a drastic option to reduce the number
of warheads by up to 80 percent, a US official said Wednesday.

The policy review underway suggests a range of additional cuts that include reducing the arsenal to 1,000 to 1,100, another that proposes dropping to
700 to 800 or shrinking the force dramatically to 300 to 400 warheads, the US official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told AFP.

“Three hundred (warheads) is the very low end of those options,” the official said.

With 300 nukes, you can wipe out everything worth destroying in Russia… but if it were China-Russia vs USA, there wouldn’t be enough nukes… but
that’s why France, Israel and the UK got nukes.

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