Urban survival scenario…..

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Your in your work place (lets say an office)

Find a knife or something sharp.

…the city your in is very large and your stuck in the busy part of it,its 10.45am and news comes into your office that a massive terrorist
cell has sprung up over 30 car bombs have exploded in a chain reaction all over the city you look out of the office window and plooms of smoke are
springing up in the distance.

Tell everyone to stay together, remain calm, turn off the lights, lock the door. Close the blinds etc..
Two men guard the door, take turns watching every 30 minutes for maximum awareness,
preferably barricade it if possible.

As people in the office are grouping up and watching the news unfold on TV you hear them repeating the news and talking about how awful the
scenes are…you go to your desk and reach for your B.O.B fully kitted out (apart from firearms).

You want to carry light, if possible, nothing at all, just temporarily, considering the scenario.
You need to be light on your feet for the time being.

You over hear now that the terrorist cell has an estimated 100 active rebels that have been shooting people with no thought at all …there on
a killing spree.

This is where it gets tricky, speaking for myself, if I’M put into a situation where people are in the process of dying within the same environment,
then I will force myself to understand that moment that if I DON’T risk my life ,it will all be for nothing. I’m not saying I would become Rambo or
anything, but I would certainly put on a game face.

If you encounter one or more of those terrorists, you’d want to isolate them and engage them close and fast.

Your boss is telling everyone to stay in the office but your wife is at home with your 4 year old son and you know its not safe for

Go, slowly, every step you take has a purpose.

More news now as several more cells in cities and towns are starting there wave of terror…..a train is hi-jacked and blown up killing 46
people…..in another town 2 female terrorists have blown themselves up in a hospital…the news stations can’t keep up and things have only just

There’s nothing you can do about it. Keep moving. Maintain visuals, stay out of vital strategic points of access.
Watch your corners. Crawl, climb, run, walk when you need to. There’s really no other option.
You die trying.

Your goal is to get to your family..(31 miles away), you don’t drive you come to work on the train everyday but public transport is off
limits….cops are everywhere suspicious of everyone !

So did they blow up the Telecommunications network?
Is that why I can’t call and simply tell them to meet somewhere?


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