Unit Two-Four (part 2) [2014WC]

After issuing a brief congratulations to the pilots the Commander left the cockpit. Heading now for the tech bay and his sparky, a volunteer named
David Sun-li, he resumed his thoughts. – ‘So the Dr had, in the time since his disappearance, figured out a way to transfer his entire
consciousness to the electronic world. And with the rapid expansion of the world wide web it was no wonder they were never able to track down this new
entity. What the Dr. had not considered in his attempt to ensure his spirit lived eternally was that those snippets of memories he had collected over
the years actually held some of their former owners consciousness. Indeed it appears that when the Dr.’s consciousness entered the hard-drive of his
computer, the files that contained the forgotten memories merged with his now encrypted spirit, muddying it. The entity that escaped the D.O.D. techs
that day was no longer Dr. Courbet, but a hodge podge of different consciousness that continued to evolve. This new being came to be known as ADAM or
Aligned Desire Against Mankind.’

‘There were hints of ADAM hidden on the web in the years that followed. Airliners being hijacked with no hijackers, then crashed in the ocean.
Railway safteys being overridden, causing more than one horrendous collision. Then in the latter years it got real serious. Military equipment was
being taken over. Ordinance being dropped that wasnt ordered. The people in charge always keeping it quite. Hoping someone would come along and route
out this hidden menace. However it wasn’t until 2001 that things got bad. Four planes taken over, two crashed into buildings in NYC, one into the
pentagon. National air defense given a ghost order to stand down. Communications between the heads of Government cut, no one to issue the orders to
shoot the planes down. ADAM knew the act would be covered up. The current structure of the US would use the anger its people felt to strengthen their
military superiority. Unknowing that this would in turn be the beginning of the end for human kind. In the war torn years that followed 9/11 ADAM
continued to grow its influences in the electronic military infrastructure. The more technically advanced the militaries of the world got, the more
dangerous ADAM became. Then in 2011 the final nail in our coffin. The President of the United States issued an order to fill the skies with unmanned
drones. Because of shear numbers alone the air forces of the world stood no chance against the drones.’

The Commander rounded the final turn heading to the tech bay. As he approached the door raised and Sun-li the sparky came rushing out. “Commander
Black!” he shouted. “Commander we have a problem, I don’t think the new weapons will configure with the environ suits. The programming code for
those damn bombs are in Russian and I cant get the suits to give an accurate detention signal.” said Sun-li, his face paling.

“Then we will just use a standard remote detonator and set them off from the ship after extraction.” Replied the commander.

“I thought of that as well sir but the detonators have a very limited signal range, I could boost the signal strength but it would take some time.”
He saw the question form on his commanders face and answered it unspoken. “More time than we have sir.” Sun-li continued “The only option is to
detonate from the surface then extract. Not the most appealing plan but our only option on a limited schedule.”

The Commander rubbed his chin thoughtfully, deep wrinkles on his forehead. “Well we all knew the risks. If it becomes a suicide mission so be it.”
without another word the commander turned and walked back down the hall. Taking a right headed again for the hold. Leaving the sparky Sun-li staring
at his back as he departed, wondering how the man could be so readily excepting of death.

As the commander walked a slight smile came upon his lips. Perhaps he was losing it; no matter now at the end of the world everyone was mad. At least
he would soon be able join is daughter in eternity. He lost the only thing he loved in the world that day. – ‘That day…the one every idiot with
too much time on his hands preened about. December 21, 2012. How ironic that the overwhelming interest in the date is actually what decided its fate.
ADAM chose that day to begin the drone wars, in part because of the amount of pure divisiveness that festered on the topic. Those in charge knew the
Mayan hype was a sham, knowing that everyone in the world was anticipating something to occur. The amount of attention being paid would prevent any
nation or rouge terrorist coalition to attack. The militarys of the world looked at this day as an off day. How wrong they were.’

‘It started everywhere at once. Reports coming in of unresponsive drones. Then the ones on the ground activated, and before anyone knew what was
going on over a million drones were in the skies of our planet. Air forces that were able to manage to get fighters in the air faired OK at first.
Other countries air forces were bombed into oblivion before pilots could hit the runway. In the first 12 hours the air forces of every country besides
the US and China were gone, and more than 70% of the US and Chinas forces were hit on the ground. The ones who did manage to get into the air didn’t
last long. In less than two days ADAM had claimed air superiority over the entire planet. Thats when the bombing of the cities began. For two weeks
ADAM waged a bombing campaign on every major city in the world. With all ground to air defenses compromised and no air to air option there was nothing
to stop it. In the aftermath, as the dust settled and those who survived were scattered to the wind, ADAM began constructing its ground army.’


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