Underwater monowai volcano eruption and collapse

Team observes rapid change in underwater volcano Monowai

A research team out to perform routine mapping of the seafloor some 400 kilometers southwest of Tonga, found that one volcano, named Monowai,
changed dramatically over just a two week time span. In an apparent underwater eruption, the volcano collapsed in one part and added almost 80 meters
of height in another. The team has described their findings in a paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

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More information: Rapid rates of growth and collapse of Monowai submarine volcano in the Kermadec Arc, Nature Geoscience (2012)

This volcano is a part of the 94 volcanos along the Kermadec Tonga arc, the summit is approximately 132 metres (433 ft) below sea level, considerably
above the level of the nearby Tonga and Kermadec Trenches. The summit’s position and depth changed between 1998 and 2004, due to a landslide and
eruptive regrowth. A 1500 metre deep caldera, 13 by 8 km, lies 5–15 km NNE of the seamount’s main cone.

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