Undeniable Evidence That Amy Schumer And Bill Hader Are In The Illuminati

That Amy Schumer sure has enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame, huh? If we didn’t believe that she’s a unique voice in the comedy world with a singular ability to skewer gender relations, it’d almost be a little … suspicious. Almost as if she and “Trainwreck” co-star Bill Hader have been lent a shadowy helping hand by the organization that’s totally responsible for every major cultural and financial decision on the planet. 

In an interview with The Bondi Hipsters, an Australian duo who host a web series of the same name, Schumer and Hader were immediately accused of being part of the Illuminati. There is a tense pause before the comedians vehemently deny their involvement, claiming to know nothing about any Satanic ritual involving Judd Apatow, a circle of Hollywood executives wearing goat masks and a squirrel.

“But I’m dating a squirrel, OK, so I am not in a thing with the queen, the Vatican, the Rothchilds and the Colonel Sanders,” Schumer explains, too conveniently, before Hader looks aggressively straight at the camera and begins speaking in tongues.

If you need more proof, take one look at the “Trainwreck” poster, where Schumer unabashedly makes a triangular formation with her hands. We see you, Amy. 

H/T Junkee  


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