Undeniable evidence of wingtip spraying? Perhaps not.

Dane Wigington’s latest “undeniable evidence” at geoengineeringwatch.org consists of a video of a 747 with trails coming from its wingtips

Here’s the geoengwatch article, and here’s the
original video:

As has been pointed out by many commentators on the video, the time and date correspond to a Thai Airways 747 that had a problem with its flaps, and
had to turn around and land at its departure point.

Because it had a massive load of fuel on board (to fly non-stop to Bangkok) it had to dump fuel to get to below its maximum landing weight – the
wiki article on fuel dumping explains why this is done.

Also this incident has been noted on the forum The Aviation Herald, and for those who want to
have a look at he 747 fuel system schematic here it is on Boeing’s website.

I have left a comment on Dane’s article pointing him to the AvHerald article and saying it is a fuel dump….it is awaiting moderation…..I will post
whether it makes it through moderation or not!


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