UK news F-35 fighter makers leap to its defence after it loses dogfight to 1970s jet

An extraordinary defence of the troubled F-35 Joint Strike Fighter has been issued by the Pentagon and Lockheed Martin, the lead company building the


Ok a certian mod and friend will jump on here and rightful claim there are missions the F-35 can do that no other fighter can and its has lots of
roles. I wont argue that and for the USA that’s a perfectly fine defense.

Because the USA has a fleet of F-22 and F-16 that can cover the F-35.

Thing is for the UK we are not so lucky. We are replacing most our (now pitiful) air force with these F-35 and Im sure it will have these uses. But
surely its a huge problem and oversight that we don’t have a F-22 equivalent? If SHTF do we really want to have to rely on the USA to do the dog
fighting for us ?

To me it sees the MOD has spent billions on a plane we cant use until someone else has cleared the skies for us.

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