UFOs Trumpet The Apocalypse 2012?

I found this very interesting video about a mothership that was recorded over the night sky of Hong Kong in January 2012. Do you think that is the
cause of all those strange sounds heard all over the world? Some people say the strange sounds are hoax. I think some are hoax, but not all of them,
because I also heard this strange sound. I never knew there was a ufo spotted right before these strange sounds were heard . So what do you guys

Part of the descriptions:
A mother ship was recorded over the night sky of Hong Kong in January 2012, strange sounds that match what has been heard around the world, seemed to
emanate from the craft. As a point of note, the ADG where the first to make the connection between some of these sounds and UFOs, watch the video
below, to much ridicule as I recall, mainly from the windbag academics who have turned the UFO community into a freak show for the mentally impaired,
and CGI addicts. Not blowing my own trumpet here, but the ADG have always been way ahead of the curve, as you will find out shortly. Keep watching.


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