UFO was just a top secret aircraft.

here is no question that the Germans were experimenting with a wide variety of innovative aircraft and propulsion systems toward the end of the war.
There is little doubt that they at least contemplated building a flying saucer. There are tantalizing bits of evidence that Nazi Germany indeed added
a flying disc to its inventory of secret weapons.

The year was 1945. Even as it became apparent that the tide of the war was turning in favor of the Allies, German scientists working for the Nazis
still had a few tricks up their sleeves. Secret devices were being built in the labs and factories of the underground complexes in the Harz Mountains
and elsewhere.

Late in the war, Allied pilots began to see unusual lights and silvery globes flying at their wingtips.They nicknamed these foo fighters and kraut
fireballs thinking they were some new secret weapon of the Nazis.The objects, however, never attacked an allied plane, they just flew near them.

These Feuerballs were unmanned, remote controlled devices whose main purpose was to jam the radar of the Allied planes and to confuse and intimidate
them. They would have been great offensive weapons, but no satisfactory method of arming them was found in time. A larger, manned version, called the
Kugelblitz, was being built and tested, but the war ended before it could put into service.

In 1938, Hitler had sent an expedition headed by Captain Alfred Richter to the part of Antarctica just opposite the tip of South America to locate a
site for a secret base, and by 1945 the base was completed. In the spring of 1945, when the fall of the Third Reich had become inevitable, the
untested Kugelblitz, along with the engineers overseeing its construction, were loaded into a submarine, the U-977, and taken to this ultra-secret
underground Nazi base. After delivering this cargo, the U-977 and those of the crew who did not wish to spend the rest of their lives in an
underground base put in at Mar del Plata, Argentina on August 17, 1945.

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