UFO Sightings New Year’s Eve 2014

UFO Sighted On New Year’s Eye In Wanganui, New Zealand

Melbourne New Year’s Eve 2014 UFO Sighting

I was watching local fireworks with my son in ast Reservoir, Melbourne. I noticed 4 or 5 slowly moving red lights moving closer before they drifted East faded out.. Large trees made it hard to track them.

Another witness:

I saw it too at North Melbourne station. I was looking out for something
like that because there is videos on youtube same ufo’s on new years.
First time I saw it only 2 red lights, one was very high and other cross
it path then 40min later bout 6 or 7 heading in same direction in low

New Year’s Eve 2014 UFO Sighting Oldham, UK 

I saw some in oldham uk looked like a slow moving amber orb at first but
when it went over my house it was low enough for me to see it was a
black disc with purple lights in the form of star that is curved at the
tips. it was low and close enough for me to see it clearly with poor
vision. by the time i realised that i had to get a camera it was gone.

New Year’s Eve 2014 UFO Sighting Phoenix Arizona USA

Saw in Phoenix Arizona USA, 12:10am, Was moving at first like a
commercial jet but then it stopped, changed direction, then stopped,
changed direction and stopped again, it hovered in one spot for a good 3
or 4 minutes, me and my girlfriend stared at it the whole time in
amazement, then it vanished all of a sudden… it was glowing red,
yellow and white all at the same time for us, it almost looked like it
was reflecting the light from the fireworks… but that thing was very
high in the sky… crazy how everyone seems to have seen it during their
fireworks at around midnight… maybe aliens like our firework
displays? or did they think we were signaling? oh lord

New Year’s Eve 2014 UFO Sighting Acworth, Georgia , USA

I saw these too driving home from my parents in Acworth ga usa. I
stopped the car when I saw the light it was on a dead back street on a
road with houses it wa kinda low to the sky and I have never seen lights
like that before. There was 3 inThe form of an acute triangle and then
when my daughter said is it aliens the top one just disappeared the
other two moved really weird thats when we all got freaked out (my niece
was with us too) so I drove home quickly.

I tried to calm
myself down and call my parents and my dad said maybe it was parachute
fireworks but I kept telling him no it was too bright and not a color
I’ve seen before and they moved weird.
I looked it up online because not
having cable I freaked myself out like OMG what if somethings happening
and I don’t know..I came across and now i am terrified. That light in
the video is EXACTLY what I saw…what I don’t understand is why. Why
here in a small populated town..I am not going to be sleeping tonight ):
holy crap..

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