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UFO sightings can be a very strange experience on many levels…and sometimes they seem to have “time delay” aspects to them.

This experience has been no exception. These stills are from a “lost clip” I somehow never saw.

I witnessed this light in the sky when returning to my apartment one day several years ago.

The object stayed around long enough for me to run inside and get a camera, and then back out to find it and start filming.

Well, basically, I had a lot going on that week and it took me several days to review the film. When I did, there was no doubt that I’d captured
something very unusual.

The weird thing was that for years I only thought there were five clips of film of this event. I think I was too stunned to make sure I reviewed all
of the clips I had downloaded from that day.

It wasn’t until last week, over four years later, that I found the very first clip that I had never seen or reviewed. For some reason I completely
missed it.

Surprisingly, I was able to keep the camera much more steady than the other five clips I had seen, and I was able to get some pretty incredible
closeups. The closeups proved beyond a doubt that the “balloon” naysayers were wrong.

I’m sharing the stills here with you guys.

The still shots come from video edits of the recently discovered first clip.



They are featured here as well, the second featuring slow motion clips to help showcase how the object was moving and changing shape.

“I’m not saying it’s aliens…” but these closeups kind of blow my mind.

Here are the screenshots from the NUFORC report…

Thanks for taking a look!


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