UFO Filmed Over Australia Baffles Experts

UFO Footage Filmed Over Australia Baffles Experts

I just came across this article video of a supposed UFO filmed over Australia on June 21 2012. It was filmed by Durras surfer Ben Roberts, who is
also an Amateur Astronomer. The video is described as a bright light that at first is easily mistaken as Venus, but in the last 10 seconds of the
video the object in questions speeds up, pans left and then well… you decide.

Im still ob the fence as to exactly what we’re looking at here. I don’t think we are looking at a hoax/fake. Im very interested in what you all think
on the matter. So, What say you all?

UFO Filmed Over Australia Baffles Experts – Article

Australia astronomer David Reneke is confounded by the footage of a UFO taken by Durras surfer Ben Roberts.

“I don’t know what to make of it,” he said.

“At first I was sure it was Venus, because it was in the area in the sky at the time, but the way it moves in the last five to 10 seconds is strange
stuff. Unless the film has been sped up it has me puzzled.”

Mr Reneke said that Venus was responsible for most sightings across the world, and can be “quite brilliant”.

However, he also brought some aspects of the footage into question.

“In the end it pans left and there is a very bright sunrise, whereas before it was pitch black,” he said.

Heres the video…



**Edit Added Important Information**

Heres some info I came across that lends to the credibility of this video / sighting.

Usually the fakes / hoaxes are a few seconds long and always leave us asking “If this was real why didn’t you continue video taping until the craft /
object disappears? Well this guy video tapes it for ovet 8 minutes and if you read his description of the video he says go to his channel if you want
to watch more footage that he filmed of the exact same area immediately following the sighting.


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