UFO Data magazine collection (2006 to 2008) online

From 2006 to 2008, “UFO Data” was a UFO magazine published in England that included articles by various UFO researchers and, slightly unusually,
also a number of leading skeptics (including ATS member Jim Oberg and British academic
Dr David Clarke).

The UFO Data website has recently made available all issues of the UFO Data magazine as free downloads (as a result of efforts by, in particular, one
of those involved in publishing the magazine – Steve Johnson, “MercuryRapids”):
UFO Data website

I’ve run that set of UFO-Data through some Optical Character Recognition software, to produce a set of the magazines which can be searched. I’ve
uploaded that searchable version of your collection to the link below:
Zip file containing searchable copies of all issues

I’ve been in touch with Steve Johnson (“MercuryRapids”) via a thread in the UFO Data forum at the link below to check he is happy with my making
this link available:
Relevant thread on the “UFO Data” forum

Using that searchable set, each magazine can then be searched using your favourite PDF reader, or you can search the a directory containing the entire
collection (with other UFO journals as well if you like) using the fast search method I outlined recently in the ATS thread at the link below:
FAST searching of major free online collections of UFO journals (or just browse/download

A sample cover is shown below (from the September/October 2006 issue):

Here is another one (for the January/February 2008 issue):

Here’s a sample list of contents, including an article by Jim Oberg and one on “Flying Triangle” sightings:

Another sample table of contents is shown below (from the first issue, which included several items relating to the Rendlesham forest incident):

UFO published a number of articles on classic UFO cases (including Rendlsham) and several items on UFO cases which have been discussed on ATS.

For example, here’s part of an article on Robert Taylor’s UFO incident (from Issue 7, i.e. January/February 2007)- an incident which has been
discussed on ATS in several thread, including: this one)

and the F15 encounter discussed in the article below (from Issue 9, which some follow-up material in issue 10) has also been discussed in several
threads on ATS – including the two below:

Some videos associated with the UFO Data magazine are also available online, e.g. :

Also, I think it worth mentioning that I’ve recently found that at least some old collections of UFO magazines that were posted on websites that are
no longer maintained can still be accessed via the Wayback Machine website. Using that method, all 16 issues of UFO Review can still be downloaded
from the link below. UFO Review, as some of you will know, was another relatively recent (2004-2006) British e-magazine, edited by Stuart Miller (but
I can’t work out how to add a proper link to it here – it’s at web.archive.org/web/20070701121059/www.uforeview.net… )

Edit: Just to make the link clearer, the searchable set of the UFO Data magazines is at the link below:
Zip file containing searchable copies of all issues

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