U.S. Post Office introduces ‘global warming’ stamp

“Global Warming” must be beyond speculation now that the U.S. Post Office has a “Global Warming” stamp !!

I bet these will be collectors’ items very soon. Especially during cold winter stamp coin shows.

Or even more so if those special “Models” prove to be failures.

It’s “Official”. And ironically, the pictures show they are the “Forever” variety?

The U.S. Postal Service has joined the fight against global warming by introducing a stamp
depicting the projected warming of the world’s oceans.

The stamp series is called “Global: Sea Surface Temperatures.” It features a single snapshot of how the world’s oceans will warm as more
greenhouse gases fill the atmosphere. Researchers take the data and create stamps that represent “one day in the life of the virtual Earth.”

The Post Office notes that the images on the stamps are not based on real world observations but modeled scenarios. The Post Office says the “model
isn’t absorbing ongoing, real-time truths from the Earth, per se, through a satellite or weather balloon like some might suspect.”

U.S. Post Office introduces ‘global warming’

Enormous Impact Indeed !!


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