U-boat base in eastern Arctic

In 1985 Soviet helicopter pilot Peter Statsyukom discovered a small complex of five underground Nazi bunkers in the Siberian Arctic. Apparently they
were built into a large rocky outcrop and blasted out with explosives. These bunkers in the Lena River Delta sheltered 250 drums of fuel. Nearby was a
200m concrete wharf with rails from the wharf to the bunkers. Inside an accommodation bunker they also found Nazi era coins, German naval badges and

There had always been wartime tales amongst the indigenous Yakut people about mysterious men called chuchuna dressed in black spotted in the
Bykovskaya Duct area between 1940-42.

Then in in 1963 the body of a German navy NCO was found in Neelova Gulf with the remnants of his uniform and rifle ammunition.

What is astonishing about the location is how far East it was on the same longitude as Hong Kong. During 1942 a joint operation by the German Navy
(Kreigsmarine) and Luftwaffe saw Bv138 flying boats operating together in the Barents Sea. It is conceivable that these flying boats could have
operated as far east as the Lena Delta, perhaps flying spies behind Soviet lines or even engaged in hops to Japanese territory.

According to some accounts when the intact wreck of a German Uboat, U-534 was raised in the Baltic by a wealthy private individual, amongst her soaked
papers were orders at the end of WWII to sail to the Lena Delta.


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