Typhoid vaccine failure warning

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I believe I have put this in the correct forum, it was a toss-up between this and diseases and pandemics.


The article in the link is regarding a weak strain of Typhoid vaccine given to people since January 2011.

Now I understand there are many different thoughts and opinions when it comes to vaccinations, I have had many vaccinations and feel/seem fit and
health so far……I think: D

But this really made me think about the quality control and tests, pharmaceutical company’s give to their drugs.
Is it profit and how quickly they can knock their products out that is important to them or is it customer satisfaction and safety?

Thoughts Please

Manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur MSD has recalled 88% of its stock – 16 batches – of Typhim Vi vaccine because tests found some samples were too
Anyone immunised with the vaccine since January 2011 could be affected.
Officials stress that the vaccine was safe and posed no health threat.
But it could mean as many as 729,606 people who potentially received the affected vaccine are not fully immunised against typhoid/


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