Tragic helicopter crash in down town Seattle

A Komo4 news helicopter crashed next to Seattle’s Space needle this morning. 2 people lost their lives and another victim that was in his car at the
time is in serious condition at Harbor View hospital.

I feel compelled to post this story here because I wanted to give tribute to the 2 individuals that lost their lives in the crash, the helicopter
pilot, Gary Pfitzner and a news photographer, Bill Strothman.
Although I didn’t know Bill personally I had the opportunity to meet his son, who is also a Komo4 photographer, when he come to my residence to do a
short news story. As soon as I saw the news I could tell that Bill and his son were so much a like and he and the pilot will be greatly missed in the
community here.

To Bill, Gary and everyone else who lost there lives doing what they loved and supporting their community….R.I.P.…

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