Total Of 5 Large Typhoons Heading For China-neatly lined up

Just saw this on CNN, 5 typhoons are neatly making their way to China and the north of Taiwan. The first one will make landfall in Shanghai as a Cat1
typhoon. The second one is bordering at Cat2 and is said to be the size of Alaska. Then there are three more on the way after them.

What’s weird about this is that they are all perfectly lined up.. I have never seen that before. If the first two storms cause severe damages rescue
efforts will be hampered greatly. The east coast of China has about 24m people along the coastline.

Then there is also the possibility that these storms could increase in severity as they pass over warmer waters.

Tin-foil hat section:
-Could the abnormally warm weather around the world be linked to this?
-Is it not a coincidence that 50% of China’s market has ceased trading for ‘self preservation’? Especially since Shanghai is the country’s financial
hub… Hmm?

I don’t have any links, just watch the weather. It may just be something worth keeping an eye on. Hopefully not though.

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