To atheists/non-believers: Why the evangelism?

I’ll preface this thread by stating that I have no problem with atheists or people who don’t prescribe to my own personal beliefs. I have many
friends that are atheists, and I don’t believe it is my place to judge them or ridicule them because they have a different point of view than I do.
Which brings me to the purpose of this thread:

Why do atheists feel the need to do precisely that?

I am sick to death of people popping into threads with comments like “Your bible is a fairy tale” or “Your an idiot because you believe in God” or
even my own friends posting stuff on facebook on a daily basis demonizing religion and promoting atheism. So why do you do it?

I am going to assume (perhaps wrongfully so) that atheists or non-religious people dislike being preached at by “bible thumpers” or having their
morning coffee or sleep interrupted by zealous mormons or jehovas witnesses banging at their door trying to save their souls. I’m going to guess that
this type of behavior may even piss you off, and you may be left asking yourself: “who the hell do you think you are to tell ME what I should
believe”? So assuming this is true, why turn around and do it to others?

Is the irony lost on you?

I personally don’t believe I should be preaching to anyone (just one of many things that make me a “bad Christian” I suppose). I feel that if
someone is curious about my beliefs, I will share them happily. But I’m not the type to go around trying to “save” people and waving my finger at
them about how they live their lives. I generally try to avoid this behavior as much as possible, and I’m always cautiously respectful of others
opinions when such subjects come up in conversation.

So why is it atheists seem to be more zealous and preachy than half the Christians I know? I would appreciate if you could limit your responses to WHY
you choose to engage in this behavior (if you do), or why choose not to (if you don’t). I’m really not interested in debating the existence of God
(let’s face it, that’s literally been done to death for thousands of years). I just want to know why you feel the need to engage in atheist
“evangelism”, and why you don’t feel this is something that is completely hypocritical (an accusation often leveled against Christians).


PS: Mods, I wasn’t really sure where to post this. I chose this forum due to the content of most of the posts here, and figured it would be a good
place to start. Feel free to move if I could have chosen a better location

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