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I am doing this introduction rather late as i have already made other posts but i have always wanted to make an intro. Firstly Id like to say that I
do read quite a bit, more so than what my family or friends know, or what society would expect from a “minority”. As far as race goes I’m mixed with
probably a little of everything I am the metal the Melting Pot (The U.S.) has made, Im definitely not racist, i deplore racism from all ethnicities
especially from African Americans as they were once enslaved by another race, they should hate all forms of racism from whites and mostly from
themselves. I’m definitely into expanding my knowledge that is why i joined ATS to deny ignorance. I have always took pride in learning history, and
math to some extent though i never made exeptional grades in school, my test scores always proved my intelligence to my teachers sometimes I look back
and wondered where i would be if I actually gave more focus to school. (btw I read somewhere that Einstien was not an A B+ student in school either)
Although i have what i consider an exeptional imagination as compared to some of my peers. I tend to come up with many thought provoking ideas that
have me lost sometimes in an almost dream state for hours at times. I believe that perhaps much about our universe and how we interact with each other
as a speices can be learned by spending time alone and examining ourselves.

As an only child I spent much of my time alone, and as an only child I found ways to be entertained by immering myself into my own thoughts and
finding creative outlets such as sketching and music though i never learned to play an instrument, computers have pretty cool programs for composing
without knowing notation, or playing a real instrument. Many times in my youth people attempted to coerce me into believing into G_d by means of
religion, here in the U.S. Christianity. Though my personal belief is that religion makes us biased and I mean All Religions because in some way or
another they attempt to shape us in a way to fit with their doctrine. Lets be honest when have you ever seen a book that said G_d was the sole author,
you havent. All religious books have been authored by men, that is the main reason I’m very skeptical of religions though i do not claim to be atheist
because atheism is the exact same as hold religion. Pretty much I think that its impossible to know if G_d is real, I doubt that G_d would have a
gender as insinuated by abrahamic religions, let alone can G_d have a name. I feel that abstaining from religion has made me a better person because
Im kind to others without the fear that if not I’ll burn in Hell for eternity.

-I am in no way anti religion, I’m only expressing my beliefs. Hey, if it helps you sleep at night have at it but do not attempt to push your
religious ideas on me as you will face a most mind-blowing reality check you ever have witnessed.

People have always labeled me as weird or goth because I used to be anti-social as a child, I was shy and to some extent i still am even though im 20
years old. I was quiet because i was unsure how to react to people as I have always been told about how fake and phoney people really are by my
mother, who throughout her life has experienced what people are really capable of, and to what extent people will use you to get what they want. In my
mind I’ve always thought that when knowledge speaks wisdom listens, so I have always prided myself on listening no matter what was being said then
taking that knowledge and finding truth for myself. I advise everyone to do the same, I often tell people you must find truth for yourself no one can
give you the answers you are looking. That is pretty much my philosophy for interaction in the world and with other people, I stop, look, and listen,
before I leap.

This is where you may begin to stop reading. Sigh…..

I have an esp. Yes let the closed minded ATSers come and heckle me with their lack of intelligence for its possibility, i have telepathy, but it’s not
like what you would think. I can know what other people are thinking but it’s based on distance reative to my position and how much power and emotion
they put behind their thoughts. often I have found when I call people out on thinking certain things they” KNOW for a fact” is impossible for me to
know just deny me or dismiss it as a lucky guess. Strange though some never ask me to do it again, with that lame overused remark “well what am i
thinking now?” come back, then even if i should get it right they will tell me I’m wrong anyway. My mothers family has a history of esp, dating back
to my Native American great great grandmother who from what I have been told somehow transferred it to my grandmother and i guess it just passes down
through lineage. My mother could remote view (I have never tried this) and couls also see what most would call spirits or ghosts, she in her very
early childhood could hear peoples thoughts but she said that it would have drove her crazy had her mother not told her to concentrate and block it
out. She explained to me that at one point she could walk underneath power lines and hear entire conversations, apparently she was extremely
hypersensitive with her abilities. She said that before she was forced to drop out of school and get a job she was a straight A student, and while in
elementary she was evaluated for potentially being a genius because of her gift for numbers, but she was afraid at the time of being taken from her
family, it being the 60s she grew up in and designated as African American in the South. The board of white men evaluating her could have taken her
away without her family being able to do anything about it, so she dumbed herself down to purposefully fail the tests. I attempted to inquire from her
more about this unknown organization that evaluated her but she maintained that she did not know who they were or where they came from or why as she
was only 5 or 6 years old. Makes me wonder when some childeren just all of a sudden go missing and their parents describe the child as being extremely
bright or intelligent for their age, it could be a link possibly. When I find a suitable time to ask my mom any more about this organization I will
make an extended post on this for anyone who may be interested in this topic.

Well ATS thats a little about me and I know its a bit of a read but I look forward to learning much more from all of you. feel free to ask any
questions i will be monitoring this post for the next few days or until I get bored.

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