Thirdphaseofmoon : Youtuber Debunks UFO Hoaxer Blake Cousins

Youtuber Sheilaaliens debunks UFO hoaxer Blake Cousins the owner of Thirdphaseofmoon Youtube Channel

Blake Cousins tells everyone that he receives videos from all around the world… ok… so why those videos have the same sound fx ? This is laughable !

So, is Third Phase Of Moon user a faker and a lyer ? Yes.
Do Third Phase Of Moon user make money from your credulity ? Yes

So guys,don’t subscribe to any of the following channels, which are all from Blake Cousins and thirdpharceofmoon. They get paid for every view and subscription on their channel.

1) Istareatthesun2012
2) thirdphaseofmoon
3) breakingnewsguy

Fake from thirdphaseofmoon :

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