There Is No Illuminati Level Conspiracy..

I have a big problem with the concept of some super secret organization who runs the government, science and the media… It just doesn’t add up.

So here I will be addressing what I think are the logical fallacies in the big interconnected conspiracies.. the ones that would require collusion
between multiple entities on a massive scale.

Exhibit A: We Usually Hear The Second Half…When We Shouldn’t..

There are plenty of “on the books ” examples of government corruption , propaganda and cover ups.

Pat Tillman’s antiwar stance..

The Jessica Lynch seal team raid that wasn’t..

The gulf of Tonkin

The Lusitania ( WW2 boat that “wasn’t carrying weapons” the nazis sunk?)

And the list goes on and on….

However, if the same people who perpetrated those false flags were the same people who run the media, then why do we ever hear the truth when the
second half of the story comes out???

Why ever let the true story of pat Tillman come out so the public can question weather the friendly fire incident that killed him was an

Why let the true story of Jessica lynch come out to be a perfect example that government propaganda exists ???

If some secret organization that was willing to kill was really running things. Then why not just kill the families??? Why would you ever allow your
puppet media to run the revised story???

Exhibit B: The illuminati/NWO/exc Would Not Need A Scam to Steal Tax Dollars, They Print The Money…

Global warming is all a hoax by science , the media and the government to steal tax dollars..

Flat earthers say NASA is a conspiracy to steal tax dollars..

Pretty much all , when not planning on killing off “X” percent of the population , illuminati type conspiracy theories go back to that..

Some convoluted plan to fabricate an issue to steal tax dollars from the American people..

The very same tax dollars they are printing….

So why would they need a convoluted plan to steal tax dollars again??

I’m I’m printing the money, why would I ever need to steal it???

Wouldn’t it be ridiculously easy just to print more???

If everyone in power and the media are in on it, then who would even notice??

Plan 1)
Spend billions of dollars bribing and intimidating countless media , political and science professionals, so they can create a false narrative. Then
make even more billions off of the tax dollars you siphon off whatever fake issue…

Plan 2)
Just print up a few extra Billion…Which only involves the handful of people required to run the machinery….

Exhibit C:

Chaos Doesn’t Benefit Those In Power…It benefits Those Who Want Power..

Earlier I mentioned the illuminati’s vile attempts to kill off whatever percent of the population.

Well anything that killed off even 10% of the population would stir the pot SOOO MUCH that those in power , would have no way to ensure they remained
in power…

Big chaotic events don’t benefit those in power.. the status quo does..

Those in power have always wanted the peasants docile and working, not causing big events that stop trade and impede their unending drive to rape and
pillage that population..

So in conclusion…

So how could there be some vast interconnected conspiracy group who runs things???

Are they really that bad at it???

Or is it the far more likely individual bad actors who are stilll required to fool the media and their peers???

A media who doesn’t like to rock the boat and risk losing access….

I think If you look into the thought of some vast interconnected conspiracy, it falls apart at the seems..

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