The shocking numbers behind corporate welfare

Federal, state and local governments publish exhaustively detailed statistical reports on welfare to the poor, disabled, sick, elderly and other
individuals who cannot support themselves. The cost of subsidized food, housing and medical care are all documented at government expense, with the
statistics posted on government websites.…

But corporate welfare is not the subject of any comprehensive reporting at the federal level. Disclosures by state and local governments vary
greatly, from substantial to nearly nonexistent.

This is an opinion piece where a reporter tries to track down the amount of money from tax dollars that is paid to business. Most of the information
is coming from this site.…

Do we have a need for more transparency in this? Why isn’t there more documented research tracking this money? Exactly how much does it cost the
people to support companies and corporations? Are we essence buying profits for companies so they can provide jobs that we then pay taxes on?

Are you renting your job?

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