The self-proclaimed alien experts

In the early 1970s, sci-fi author Isaac Asimov really, really fancied himself an authority on UFOs and aliens. (Probably because he had a big ego)
He stated with absolute conviction that Earth has not been visited. He said publicly that “If aliens were coming here, they would either
remain totally hidden, or they would contact us.” Asimov maintained that this was proof they haven’t come here.

Ufologist and physicist Stan Freidman’s reply was “Just because you write good science fiction doesn’t mean you’re an expert on alien behavior.”

Certain ATS members quite obviously consider themselves experts on all things extraterrestrial.
The haughtiness of some people is unbelievable. I’ve seen some comments in the last couple weeks that were arrogant in the extreme.

One member very condescendingly told an OP why the OP’s ideas were silly, and then, with great authority, explained how extraterrestrials do things.
They lectured the OP on the technologies the ETs would employ or not employ, and why the ETs would take this course of action over that…etc, etc.
They didn’t suggest it’s what the aliens might do, they stated outright that they knew what the aliens would do.

Who died and made you King Alien Expert?

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