The seemingly unfair demonisation of Jezebel

In the Apocalypse we can read the following:

I have this against you, that you tolerate that woman Jezebel [ESV] Revelation 2:20

Who is this Jezebel, was she a member of the church in Thyatira in the time of John the Scribe, or is this an indirect reference to a theological line
held by the priests in the city? Or is it a reference to Jezebel the wife of king Ahab who lived hundreds of years earlier? OR is it all of these? I
believe this is a theological issue Hosé (“Jesus”) wish to sort out or settle with the angel of Tyathira (Nicanor? Acts 6) and eventually, the
conquering messiah.

First time we meet Jezebel in the Bible, is in 1 Kings 16 where she is named as the wife of Ahab, and how Ahab was a Baal worshipper and according to
Gesenius, Jezebel was “infamous for idolatry, and cruel persecution of the prophets”. Between the lines of Kings, one could easily get the idea
that Ahab saw himself as an embodiment of Baal which would make Jezebel an embodiment of Ashera, Baal’s consort, and the name איזבל or
“Jezebel” may be interpreted to mean ‘Wife of Baal’ (BDB H348), but Gesenius translates it “without cohabitation” that is
“without a husband”, and it could just as well be translated Strong’s way as simply אי plus זבל or “Not [Baal] Zebul” (Str.H336+H2083).
Confusing? There’s more.

Jezebel’s supposed violent persecutions and slaughtering (1Ki 18:4+13) the prophets didn’t go unnoticed. One of these prophets, a certain Elijah
called “the Tishbite”, decided that since Jezebel “cut off” the prophets of the LORD, he would order the LORD to “cut off” the rain in the
Land, and during the drought that followed, plenty died, while Elijah settled by a brook named Kerit which means “Cut Off” further grinding his
vengeful hate. There is a lot of wordplay and confusing euphemisms and names and titles being mixed around here (ref.…), and there is mixing of time, and figuring out who hit first is often hard to tell. This whole
thing is a huge “scribe’s trap”, so we better tread lightly so we don’t end up following the same track as these bloodthirsty gods, royals and

Whether Elijah cut off the rain before Jezebel cut off the prophets is unclear, but this whole thing started a series of massacres and periods of
jihads and civil wars. After Jezebel killed nearly all the prophets of Jahveh, Elijah supposedly caused years of drought probably killing thousands
and then went on and massacred hundreds of the prophets of Baal, and generally Elijah held a display of “putting the Lord your God to the test”
and a haughtiness rarely witnessed elsewhere. Anyway, he pokes noses with the Baal prophets and makes fire come down from the sky to light a bull
sacrifice, and then he turns on the rain again, and I guessed they were even then, but no.

This is merely the start of it, and I’m not sure this strife will ever truly end, it was the first thing Hosé (“Jesus”) brought up when I first met
him, so it’s still going on to this day. It is the war between good and evil, the biblical way. For the situation escalated even further when
Jezebel rounded up a conspiracy against a certain Nabot whose farm land her husband and king Ahab coveted. After Nabot refused to sell Ahab his land,
Jezebel posted letters in Ahab’s name to elite members of Nabot’s town demanding they’d stone Nabot, which they did. And when Ahab later came to
inspect his newly acquired land, Elijah the Tishbite also showed up delivering a prophecy that as the dogs licked the blood of Nabot in that place, so
would the dogs lick Ahab’s. However, when Ahab publicly regretted this whole situation, dressing up in sackcloth chanting “oy vey” Jahveh would
spare Ahab and rather have his son fed to the dogs. I though this was Jahveh, not Moloch? And who is more blood thirsty here, the dogs or the gods?
For the end of all of this is that Jezebel is eaten by the dogs in place of the list of men to be fed to the hounds after the prophets have
interpreted and rewritten the prophecies long enough to make it fit. Shame.

Anyway, judging from the text itself, it’s difficult to figure out exactly what it is that has lead to the massive demonisation of the Asherah
priestess Jezebel, while her adversary Elijah’s massive deification has left him with the fame of some Jewish Hercules— my best guess is that it
eventually boils down to the nature of war and how the victors write the history books. Further, her name and its connection to Baal via her husband
Ahab who was a legendary Baal worshipper who saw himself and his wife as the embodiment of Baal and Asherah. So political AND theological demonisation
in other words. And let’s not forget her role in the execution of Nabot which turns it into some moral mitzvah aswell. But from behind the blindfold
of Justitia it’s hard to discern who was worst, Jezebel or Elijah, and most importantly– WHY? What do you think, O’ Eyes of Argus?

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