The Project Camelot / TruTV pilot episode : SHADOW OPERATIONS

I hate to even bring up Project Camelot, but thought this was interesting. Interesting in the way roadkill looks, you don’t want to look, but
curiosity overcomes. I’m just fearful of there being an even greater audience for Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan to spew their ramblings. TruTV
apparently ran a pilot of Shadow Operations this past week, here is some of it…

Per Bill Ryan…

The Project Camelot / TruTV pilot episode of SHADOW OPERATIONS — entitled “The Mars Project” — was aired on 7 November, 2012, two years
after a long week of shooting in California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah.
Kerry and I were delighted. Taken by surprise by the sudden decision to screen the show, we were also delighted with the very positive response from a
critical public who had only known TruTV for their commitment to Jesse Ventura’s series CONSPIRACY THEORY. It now remains to be seen whether we’ll
be asked to shoot an entire series ourselves. Much will depend on the response from the public: this is all any network cares about. If you’d like to
see any more of Project Camelot on television, then please write TruTV and let them know.

And you thought “Chasing UFO’s” was bad TV huh?….

And yes I did a search and found only a short thread by Charizard buried in off-topic:TV

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