The Phoenix Lights craft was a TR6 TELOS?

One possible configuration of the huge “Boomerang” shaped craft seen by many people in multiple states over the past decade and more importantly,
over Phoenix Arizona in the late 90s.

I ran across this interesting picture online a bit ago. I took a look at it, and sure enough, its exactly what was described in the sky over Phoenix
Arizona in the late 1990s.

TELOS stands for Transatmospheric Electrogravitic Low Observability Surveillance platform

Here is what the folks said that they actually saw in depiction form:

Here is a video:

Then there is the TR-3B Aurora (typical Black Triangle seen by many)

So if the TR6 TELOS is real, it must not be used as much as the TR-3B is since its been seen a lot less frequently. It seems like the TR6 TELOS is an
unmanned platform of some sort. Maybe some kind of reconnaissance/surveillance craft?

For the record, I believe that these two craft are ours. So it means that we have a Black Triangle craft of various sizes and then a truly massive
Boomerang shaped craft. I think most people mistake these two for the same craft at times.


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